Saturday, 24 September 2016

Sunday, 11 September 2016

More Veneered Frames

                                William Dyce,   George Herbert at Benerton,  1861    detail

I've been making at lot of veneered frames and this one is of Bird's Eye Maple.

The frame contains a watergilded slip that was traditional to this sort of victorian frame.
Bird's Eye Maple is the most difficult of all veneers, to reproduce the finish as seen on antique frames. To be technical, the aim is to blind out the wood grain but at the same time, enhance the "quilting" figure and print out the characteristic eyes.
The frame is polished with wax and this contrasts nicely with the dry finish on the gilded slip. 

                                      William Dyce,   Welsh Landscape with Figures   1860   

Here again is a veneered frame using Burr Elm. I like the colour on this one where there is a greenish cast behind the walnut/mahogany tone; and also the relief pattern from the burr veneer.