Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Toning and Ageing a small Morland Frame

This is a small Morland style frame that I have aged and toned to suit framing an antique print.
The frame has been watergilded on a pine base with applied compo beading.

And here is the frame after gilding.

As you can see, the effect is rather startling!

So first things first, I knock about the outer edges. This softens the new, hard image of the frame.
Then the gilding is gently rubbed with light abrasives to wear down the gold. Most wear will appear on the outer edge.

Next the frame is cleaned up, polished and burnished on the outer rail.

So now the frame is worn and battered-about looking, - but still too bright to accept an antique print.

Glazes, lots of glazes are now applied to the frame. The challenge is to age the appearance of the gold but still retain the colour and reflectivity of old gilding.

And this is what you get.