Monday, 4 March 2019

Gilding a Morland Style Frame

This is a rather plain but simple profile in the spirit of  a Morland frame with a central cove hollow and a high burnished outer wall. The frame has been gilded with 22ct gold leaf and then given a degree of distressing to create a more interesting appearance. Most of the distressing was accented on the outer high wall using a series of bristle brushes, from coarse to fine. I used to use cotton wool balls as a tool but these can give uneven results especially on a domed surface. After distressing, the gilding is burnished which gives a deeper contrast to the central matt finish.
Finally the frame is glazed with several coats of pigmented wash. As these were water borne, the dried finish was quite dull and matt and was then livened up a bit with a mix of wax and varnish,

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